Lead Investigative Reporter at Dallas Express

Dallas, TX, USA / Remote
The Dallas Express is a young newspaper fortunate to have a subscriber base well beyond what we anticipated so soon. Our paper features hard news stories with original interviews daily, covering Crime, Education, and City Hall issues in-depth, and doing so as we actively build a cohesive newsroom culture across a staff of approximately thirty. We seek to print objective, fact-based news devoid of the institutional limitations and ideological slants of many major publications. Our language is straightforward, avoiding the trappings of over-politicized jargon and the unreliability of anonymous sources. We are dedicated to telling the stories that matter, the stories that others might shy away from. That’s why the Lead Investigative Reporter is a crucial asset for The Dallas Express. This position is responsible for developing, researching, reporting and producing high-impact investigative series that are exclusive to DX. You will add to our record of breaking exclusive stories relevant to the citizens of Dallas, and do so with individual pieces, issue-based series, and longform investigative work. With a keen eye for detail and sharp analytical skills, you’ll uncover the truth behind complex issues and expose wrongdoing, malfeasance, and incompetence at all levels of government. By shedding light on important topics government stakeholders often prefer to remain hidden, you’ll play a vital role in holding those in power accountable and bringing about essential change. Responsibilities and duties: • Create unique content related to DFW and Texas for a general audience that is well-informed and engaged with current political, national and global news. • Conduct original, on-the-ground reporting, including data-driven pieces backed by open- records requests, budget analysis, and other firsthand documents. • Drive DX’s primary investigative series across several different key quality-of-life and good government topics. • Set the tone for original coverage in terms of quality and scope and embody the best journalism the publication has to offer. To do this, the investigative reporter generates, researches, and reports critical stories through investigation and research. • Discover, investigate and deliver: That's why this role exists. Reporting in-depth and compelling series, coupled with an attention to detail and unwavering commitment to accuracy, ensures the DX captivates and informs its audience. We envision the role as 75% research and investigation, 25% writing and story conception. You’ll be expected to utilize a range of tools to create accountability-focused stories and investigative projects. This will involve using sources, documents, and computer-assisted reporting to develop, report, write, and produce exclusive content that sheds light on important issues. Additionally, a key piece of the role will be analyzing and reporting on a variety of documents such as legal documents, tax records, government reports, regulatory reports, and corporate financial filings. The Lead Investigative Reporter will utilize public records databases to uncover important information. Conducting interviews is a key part of the job, as is building a reliable source network. This position needs to be comfortable speaking with both on-the-record sources and anonymous sources such as whistleblowers when required. Qualifications: • Minimum experience: Five years of experience as a reporter or editor at a media organization, preferably in an investigative role . • Output: Ability to contribute at least two multi-pronged investigative series per month, equivalent to 12,000 words, whether using a story ladder approach or as longform.