CEO at Dallas Express

Dallas, TX, USA
The Dallas Express is a young newspaper fortunate to have a subscriber base well beyond what we anticipated so soon. Our paper features hard news stories with original interviews daily, covering Crime, Education, and City Hall issues in-depth, and doing so as we actively build a cohesive newsroom culture across a staff of approximately thirty with a $3.5M annual budget. We seek to print objective, fact-based news devoid of the institutional limitations and ideological slants of many major publications. We reject over-politicized terminology, we reject anonymous sourcing as the basis for stories, and we tell stories that our competitors often won’t. We need a Chief Executive Officer who can help current management unite our daily content processes, our technical and digital efforts, and our revenue generation team under his or her confident leadership. We are interested in a candidate with an aggressive, growth-oriented mindset to continue to expand the footprint and influence of the newspaper. The CEO will take the helm of a publication with over 150,000 daily newsletter opens, an active user base, a steadily growing Mobile App, and a multi-segment longform news magazine show. You will be the single person most directly shaping the future of the publication and its culture. You’ll be responsible for ensuring the quality of our content, the technical success of the operation, and the growth revenue opportunities. Responsibilities and Duties: • Lead the organization: unite our Content, Revenue, and Business/Tech teams under your leadership, orient them towards complementary goals, and tie our Content more closely to our Revenue effort. • Develop additional processes where necessary both for cross-departmental work and within each department; put more simply: scale as needed. • Manage the budget and develop additional financial controls in tandem with the Business team. • Guide the newsroom: Work hand-in-hand with our VP of News to guide and hold accountable a diverse team of reporters, writers, editors, digital publishers, business analysts, and technical talent. • Develop and have ultimate accountability for Feature projects, both creative and technical implementation, and maintain a master schedule across all ongoing project work. • Breakthrough on email and social media delivery and eliminate points of risk in the ongoing operation. • Monitor sensitive workflow: assign stories that come directly from our publisher, ideate on story ideas and big think concepts, and set up briefing mechanism for you to be efficiently informed of breaking stories and other developments. • Coach our reporters: help them improve as investigative reporters, as interviewers, and as writers. • Communicate clearly “constructive and necessary” feedback to editorial leadership and reporters to help them grow as journalists. • Be responsible for ensuring the accuracy and quality of Dallas Express’ articles and substantial quantity of written material. Demonstrate meticulous attention to detail and guard our journalistic ethics zealously. • Shepherd the team towards a greater understanding of our editorial themes and goals – work to instill and enforce through daily, engaged dialogue. • Manage to our qualitative and quantitative content goals. • Work with the revenue team to identify appropriate mechanisms for monetization and associated infrastructure. • Interact daily with our technical team and provide project oversight and decisions where necessary as they progress towards our technical development milestones. You will have full-time staff technical and business operations staff that report to you. • Represent the organization: create the concepts for and serve as the public face of the organization for a soon-to-be-launched weekly podcast, local TV interviews, and other media or public appearances. Tell our story well. We envision that the role will involve approximately 25% of your time managing our content and output, 25% of your time overseeing new concepts for the site, 25% of your time managing the business operations (including backend and financial aspects) of the organization, and 25% of your time working with the revenue team and serving as the public face of the organization. Qualifications: • 7-12 years of experience working in a media environment, preferably a newspaper, magazine, or other online publication. • Core experience as a C-level executive, or as a Chief of Staff or Vice President at a midsize-large organization, and significant provable experience in business operations and change management. • Prior experience in, and ability to, manage and mentor a team of journalists or comparable staff. • A seasoned ear for news, and the ability to rapidly digest complex stories and apply our editorial guidelines. • Ability to multitask and handle multiple projects and stories simultaneously. • Experience in revenue generation, and a demonstrated understanding of how to implement revenue generation projects. • The ability to work and manage effectively within exacting time constraints and deadlines. • Outgoing, personable, and enjoy meeting new people to build the reputation of The Dallas Express in the community. • Ability to take direction from the Publisher and the Board of Directors • Located in or willing to move to the Dallas Metro area. • Belief in the mission and standards of The Dallas Express and a will to passionately work to further our goals.